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About the earth observation unit,
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The Earth Observation unit is part of the Magellium Artal Group company and it is specialised in optical space missions, geophysical applications, environment and climate. Its activities are focused on the Earth Observation (EO) from Space.
For 45 years, the EO unit develops its expertise in image quality, sensor calibration, algorithm development, prototyping, data acquisition and processing, complex industrial software, restitution of geophysical parameters, design, impementation and operation of value-added products and services.

Confronted to a strongly growing market, the unit undertakes all measures to answer this mutation. Therefore, the unit is able to efficiently address all necessary steps of a spatial data processing chain.

Magellium Artal Group is a small-medium sized company specialised in geoinformatics and spatial imaging data recovery. Leader in France in image processing and geo-information, it provides its customers with data, analysis, software products, adapted service and expertise to bring effective solutions and a specific contribution to the projects dedicated to it.

Science for Earth care

The activities of the Earth Observation unit are strongly oriented towards the environment, observation and study of climate change, taking advantage of all the expertise developed by the EO Unit on each step of the processing chain. Several projects of the unit come from Copernicus, the Earth observation program of the European Union, coordinated and managed by the European Commission, which focuses on the planet and its environment.

The unit coordinates a European consortium to deliver a a real-time service of production and distribution  of snow and ice data over Europe: the Copernicus pan-European ig Resolution Sow&Ice Monitoring Service. It designs, builds and operates the service on behalf of the European Environment Agency (EEA)

The team also carries out specific missions in support to CNES, for the image quality service, the optical measurement service and the atmospheric sounding service.

The EO unit develops close collaborations with European research laboratories, transitioning R&D into state-of-the-art protypes and operational services. 

Our approach

Our team of scientists, doctors, and high-level engineers have the necessary skills to conduct the projects assigned to them in an effective way.

Our mission

We provide actors in the field of Earth observation and space with the technological and intellectual resources and tools necessary to carry out their projects as essential answers to environmental issues

Our vision

Make space data a usable resource for the Earth.



Interested in the space sector, the Earth Observation unit can give you real opportunities and the pleasure of working on ambitious projects in a friendly environment. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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The Earth Observation Unit of Magellium  is an expert in optical space missions and geophysical and biophysical applications. The EO unit provides high level of expertise and full capacity on the whole processing chain, enabling it to respond to all projects from the greatest space orders such as ESA and CNES.



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