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With our team of scientists and experts, we are able to offer and find solutions, analyse the data collected by Earth Observation satellites and provide users with reliable and usable products.


Earth Observation data from space are essential to understand our planet, current and future environmental challenges. Data collected by satellites help us monitor everything from rising sea level to snow cover or water quality. Every day, satellites collect huge amounts of data about the Earth. These data are raw and require a series of processing steps to make them usable.

The Earth Observation unit works every day with these data. We design algorithms and develop software so we are able to operate services and deliver user products.


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Our Expertises

earth observation magellium satellite geometry

Illustration of satellite VENµS © IDE/SARIAN Robin, 2015

Sensor geometry

Working with images acquired by Earth observation satellites, we model their acquisition geometry, and optimize and operate these models.

sensor radiometry magellium

Sensor and Radiometry

We work on image quality and physics in the optical field including equalization, straylight correction, absolute calibration..

ground segment satellite observation earth

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Ground Segment

We develop processing chains for optical satellites including instrument simulation and ground processing prototype.

earth observation hydrology magellium

© contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2021), processed by Earth Observation Unit Magellium Artal Group

Thematic applications

We work on studies and projects on value-added products (L3/L4) and services in different thematic areas such as climate and hydrology.

earth observation


The Earth Observation Unit of Magellium  is an expert in optical space missions and geophysical and biophysical applications. The EO unit provides high level of expertise and full capacity on the whole processing chain, enabling it to respond to all projects from the greatest space orders such as ESA and CNES.



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