living planet symposium magellium 2022
ESA’s convention Living Planet Symposium 2022 in Bonn, Germany

Attending the Living Planet Symposium for the second time

Magellium’s Earth Observation unit participated in ESA’s Living Planet Symposium 2022. It is an honor to participate for the second time. We had a total of 27 papers presented and 12 oral presentations.

This conference focuses on how Earth observation contributes to science and society. It also focuses on how technologies and actors are changing the traditional landscape of this field.

One of our partners, Dr. Anny Cazenave, a scientist at CNES, gave a lecture on global sea levels. A leading French space geodesist, she is a specialist in space oceanography. Moreover, she is one of the pioneers of satellite altimetry.
Magellium has the honor to work with her on many projects concerning Earth observation.
She was awarded at the ceremony celebrating women scientists in Earth observation. The award was presented in the presence of Luisella Giulicchi, President of Women in Aerospace Europe (WIA-E).

Presentation of many projects

From May 23 to 27 in Bonn, Germany, our team gave many talks throughout the week. Florence, Julia, Jorge, Vanessa, Chloé, Rémi and Tristan spoke about the projects they work on closely with our partners. GRACE, COPERNICUS Snow & Ice, FLEX and many others projects were presented by the scientists. Visit this page to learn more about the other projects Magellium works on.

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Julia Pfeffer, research engineer at Magellium, talked about the small amplitudes signals from deep Earth’s interior in GRACE measurements at Living Planet Symposium 2022.

Jorge Vicent Servera, research and development engineer at Magellium, talked about the current status of FLEX level-2 data processing chain at Living Planet Symposium 2022.

Florence Marti, research and development engineer at Magellium, talked about the new Copernicus service component based on Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-1 for pan-european high resolution of Snow & Ice monitoring of the CLMS (Copernicus Land Monitoring Service) at the Living Plnaet 2022.

Florence marti, research and development at Magellium, gave a talk about the Ocean Heat Content and the Earth Energy Imbalance using space gravimetry and altimetry at Living Planet Symposium 2022.